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For more than 30 years, we’ve been designing, manufacturing, and reconditioning high-performance tools!

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Trust Specialty Tools Inc. to sharpen your high-performance drill geometries to get your drill back to new.

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Industrial Carbide Drills & Custom Cutting Tools

Established in 1992, Specialty Tools, Inc. is a cutting tool specialist located in Beloit, WI. We manufacture custom blueprint cutting tools and special carbide cutting tools used in the metalworking industry. Our products include step drills, form tools, custom tools, special tools, drills, milling tools, three flute drills and more. We also excel in carbide tool sharpening. Our reputation for quality, reliability, and service is excellent, and all our products are designed, engineered and manufactured in the USA. Contact us today for more information.

The Leader in High-Performance Industrial Carbide Cutting Tools

Specialty Tools, Inc. is the leading authority on industrial carbide cutting tools in Wisconsin. Whether it’s manufacturing custom tools for our customers’ specific needs and applications or resharpening your drills to recapture their former performance and efficiency, we’re up for the task. Our products and services are trusted by customers in the automotive, aerospace, agricultural, medical and machine tool industries, including for machining small and large engines, hydraulics and power train parts.

Our success comes from our experience. Our team has been in the industry since 1979 and got our start through multiple jobs in the machine industry. In 1991 we decided to open our own shop, focusing primarily on carbide cutting tools and end mill sharpening. Today, we’re a resource for customers throughout Wisconsin and far beyond. Customers come to us with their unique specs for drills and other cutting tools, and we produce them to-spec, ready to perform in whatever application they’re destined for. In addition, customers also rely on our STI 2000 and 2002 Series™ super high-performance bits, proven to increase your bottom line and decrease costly production errors associated with traditional carbide bits.

Despite our big capabilities, we’re a small shop with exceptional agility. We’re very aware of our processes and products, taking care to be efficient wherever possible and never compromising on quality. Customers appreciate our short lead times and the fact that we produce quality products rooted in value. Expect fast turnaround times and quicker deliveries than other, larger specialty tool services are able to provide. All that, backed by quality values and highly technical craftsmanship, honed through years of experience. Contact us today for your complete carbide cutting tool needs!


We’ve designed, manufactured and reconditioned high-performance tools for 25+ years.

Our customers come from automotive, aerospace, agricultural and machining industries.

Our STI Series performance carbide cutting tools offer unparalleled performance.

Our customers can expect 70-90% tool life vs. original tool after resharpening!

All our products are designed and produced in the United States of America.

We Keep Production Running With Cost-Savings

Whether you need end mill sharpening for your most-used bits or a custom-designed and -manufactured carbide cutting tool, we’re the authority. Call today to speak with an expert. We proudly ship our services throughout the continental US. We offer local pick up, service, and delivery for our customers in our local area.

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