Specialty Tool Capabilities

At Specialty Tools, Inc., we strive to bring our customers the tools they need, suited for their specific application. From traditional carbide drills, reverse chamfer, countersink drills, router bits, and cutting tools, every tool we make is made with uncompromising attention to detail and mind for performance.

  • Carbide drills
  • Single-step drills
  • Double-step drills
  • Reverse chamfer drills

Made-to-Spec Custom Tools

Our facility contains some of the very best precision machining and tool fabrication mills in Wisconsin. We have the equipment to machine your custom drills to extremely tight tolerances, resulting in precision results that meet or exceed your expectations for excellence. We work with every customer to understand the specifications for their tool, then follow them exactly to produce drills that works as-expected and performs as-intended.

  • Number of flutes
  • Drill diameters
  • Shank diameter
  • Dimensional length
  • Material and coating

Create the Custom Tool You Need

You need the right tool for the job. If you can’t find it, Specialty Tools, Inc. will make it. Call us today at 608-313-8730 to discuss your need for specialty cutting tools and custom-made drills. We welcome precision projects and take pride in our ability to produce the products our customers need.