STI 2000 Series™

Our flagship 2000 Series™ high precision, three-flute, solid carbide drills are the gold standard in efficient drilling. They’re made from ultra-fine-grain premium-grade carbide substrate for optimal toughness and wear resistance. Three-flute construction removes more material per revolution than traditional two-flute drills. In addition, the extra flute enables the drill to track straighter while in the hole. This design also allows the drill to start or end on uneven surfaces, and to handle interrupted cuts with less deflection.

STI 2002 Series™

The 2002 Series™ elaborates on the established three-flute design of the 2000 Series™, and also contains patented helical coolant bores that deliver the coolant immediately to the cutting surface of the drill. Not only does this keep the cutting edge as cool as possible with added lubrication during the drilling process, the coolant exerts direct hydraulic force on the shavings to help evacuate them out through the large flute gullets. This allows faster penetration rates and creates cleaner, more accurate holes, in less time with less tool wear vs. conventional two-flute drills.

Increase Your Cycle Times

Want to learn more about how STI 2000 and 2002 Series™ drills can improve your production capabilities? Contact Specialty Tools, Inc. today at 608-313-8730. We ship tools directly from our facility in Beloit, WI, and are happy to comply with stock and custom orders in whatever capacity you require.

STI 2000 and 2002 Series ™ carbide drill bits are patented. US patent #6,045,305 and #6,283,682, held and owned by STI.